Earn Points

    “Gulf Points” is the fastest most rewarding program in Kuwait that rewards you with valuable points on every purchase you make using your Gulf Bank credit card both locally and internationally.
    Number of points earned per KD1:
     For every KD1 spent, Gulf Bank credit card holders will earn points for transactions completed at Point of Sale (POS) machines and Internet purchases.
     To double your points internationally you need to pay with the local currency of the country your visiting

    Example: If you are traveling to UAE / UK / USA or any other country. Pay your bill in the currency of the country that you are visiting i.e. pay in AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham) when in UAE, pay in GBP (Pound Sterling) when in U.K or pay in USD (United States Dollar) when in the U.S.A to double your Gulf Points with Gulf Bank Credit Cards.
    Card TypeAmount of KD SpentPoints Earned LocallyPoints Earned Internationally*

    *You need to pay with the local currency of the country you are visiting to double your Gulf Points.

    Type of Transactions to earn points
    POS Purchase transactions
    E-commerce (Internet purchases)