• Are my credit card details safe on the Internet?

    Yes. Your credit card information is absolutely safe and secure online.

  • Can anyone else see my account information?
  • Can I access my credit card account information online?
  • How can I apply to have a Gulf Bank Credit Card?
  • How can I check my credit card account balance?
  • How can I get a copy of my credit card statement?
  • How can I make a payment to my credit card?
  • How much are the overseas fees charged by Gulf Bank on Debit/Credit Cards?
  • How much does Gulf bank charges on Debit or Credit Cards overseas transactions?
  • If I pay online, when will that be posted to my account?
  • What if I don't recognize a transaction?
  • What if my credit card is lost or stolen?
  • What is a credit card dispute?
  • What is the cross border transaction fee charged by Gulf Bank on Debit/Credit Cards?
  • What is the Fee incurred when using the Gulf Bank Debit or Credit Cards abroad?

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