Frequently Asked Questions

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1-How can I enroll for this program?

You are automatically enrolled as soon as you have a Gulf Bank credit card.


2-Is there any enrollment charges?

Enrollment is free, there are no charges.


3-What types of cards are included in this program?

All Gulf Bank Visa and MasterCard? credit cards are included in the Loyalty Program: Classic, Gold, Platinum & Infinite. (Excluding Internet Cards) 


4-Can I transfer my points to another card?

Points can only be transferred between your own cards.


5-How can I earn points?

All you need to do is shop, using any of your credit cards ? Visa (excluding Internet Cards) or MasterCard?. For every 1KD spent, you will earn 1 point; you may also earn additional points during special promotions.


6-What can I redeem for the points earned?

For every 3,000 points you have earned, you can redeem KD10 back into your credit card.


7-How can I inquire or redeem the points I have earned?

You can call our Customer Contact Center (1805805) and speak to any of our agents to enquire or redeem points.


8-Do I earn points on all transactions locally and internationally?

Yes, you can earn points whenever you use your credit card for any cash/purchase transaction locally or internationally.


9-How are the points calculated?

Points are accumulated automatically and reflected on the system the next day.


10-If I have 4,500 points, can I redeem KD15?

No. You can redeem KD10, as the redemption is in multiples of KD10 ONLY. The balance points will remain in your account.


11-What if I make a transaction for KD5.600? will I earn 5 or 6 points?

For every KD1 spent you will earn 1 point; In case of spends involving fils, if the value is equal or more than 500 fils you will get 1 point, if the value is less than 500 fils no points are given. Example: If you spend KD 5.600 you will earn 6 points; If you spend KD 5.350 you will earn 5 points.


12-What if the card is upgraded? Will I lose the points I have earned?

No, you will not lose any points if the card is upgraded, the points will be transferred to your new card.


13-What if the limit of my card has been reduced?

If the limit of the card has been reduced, the points earned will not be affected.


14-What if my card is lost / stolen or a fraud has been committed?

The points earned prior to fraud will remain and will be transferred to your new card. If the card is cancelled and you don?t want a new card, then the points earned and not yet redeemed will be cancelled.


15-What if I do not pay my monthly installment?

If you do not pay the monthly installment for more than 3 months, you will not be able to redeem any points until the outstanding dues are paid.


16-Is there a maximum of Points I can earn?

No, there are no maximum points that can be earned. The more you spend, the more points you will earn.


17-I have a supplementary card for my wife, can she redeem her points?

Only the holder of the primary credit card can redeem points. If you have supplementary cards, you can transfer the points between your cards and then redeem the balance from your primary cards.


18-Can I pay my credit card bills with my Points?

Yes, if you have enough points, you have to go through the normal cash-back redemption process, after which you can use that money to pay the bill.


19-If I cancel my card, will the points accumulated expire?

Yes, the points will expire if you request to cancel your card without calling the Customer Contact Center to redeem the points.


20-Will I earn points when I use my ?Visa Internet? Card?

 No, points will not be earned on transactions made using your Visa Internet Card.


21-If I have cancelled a transaction, will the points earned for that transaction be also cancelled?



22-What differentiates this loyalty program from the others in the market?

This is the only program that offers you cash for points that do not expire & can be earned on any local & international transaction.

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