• What is the difference between SMS Banking Service and Mobile Banking?
  • Why do I need Mobile Banking?
  • What are the various features available on Mobile Banking?
  • How can I register for the Mobile Banking service?
  • What are the prerequisites for using Mobile Banking?
  • How can I download the Mobile Banking application?
  • Can I use the Mobile Banking service without downloading any application?
  • What are the charges for Mobile Banking and the application?
  • How can I activate the Mobile Banking service?

    Mobile Banking is available for all customers who have registered with Online Banking. There is no separate registration / activation option. Simply, enter using your Online Banking Login Name, Password and ATM PIN.

  • Can I change my Mobile Banking Password?
  • What if I forget my Mobile Banking password?
  • How can I unlock my Login Name?
  • What if I lose or change my mobile handset or the SIM card of my mobile?
  • What if my mobile phone is switched off during a transaction because of low battery?
  • What if I receive a call or SMS during my Mobile Banking session?
  • Does Mobile Banking have a similar appearance on all phones?

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