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  • Can anyone else see my account information?
  • Do I have 24/7 Access to my accounts?

Benefits from Working with Gulf Bank

Charges and Fees

Lost or Forgotten

  • What if my ATM card is lost or stolen?
  • My Account Information

    • Do all accounts accrue interest?
    • What are the fees to use an ATM?


    • Will Gulf Bank request my account information by e-mail?


    • How can I check my account status?
    • How can I transfer funds between my accounts

    Types of Services

    FAQs By Product

    ATM Deposit Only Card

    Safety Deposit Box


  • How can I submit my CV online?
  • Nassour

    American Express

    Credit Cards

    • Are my credit card details safe on the Internet?
    • Can anyone else see my account information?


    • What is an EMV chip card?
    • How is it different from my current card?

    Free Travel Insurance

    • Who is it for?
    • How do I get it?

    Current Account


    Mobile Banking

    • What is the difference between SMS Banking Service and Mobile Banking?
    • Why do I need Mobile Banking?

    Online Banking

    • Can I use Online Banking outside of Kuwait?
    • How do I sign up?

    Two Factor Authentication

    • What is 2 Factor Authentication?
    • How can I register for this feature?


    • What loan types are available to customers when deciding to borrow?
    • What is the difference in the purpose of the loan between Consumer and Installment loans?

    Additional Salary Package

    Professionals Package

    Salary Packages

    • Do I get any discounts for using my Gulf Bank card?
    • Do I have 24/7 access to my accounts?

    Al Danah Account

    • Are there any cancellation charges?
    • How are the actual draws conducted?


    Premium Savings Account

    • How much money do I need to open this account?
    • Why is this account so competitive?

    Time Deposits


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