Guinness World Records has recognized Al Danah’s One Million Kuwaiti Dinar prize as the “Largest Prize Linked to a Saving Account in the World” in January 2017.


  • Al Danah is back with its prizes.
  • Save more and save longer to earn more chances to win with Al Danah.
  • The chance to win cash prizes through out the year.
  • Access to your money at all times.
  • Chances accrued from 1st Jan 2017.
  • All chances earned by existing customers in 2016 (from 1st Jan 2016 to 31st Dec 2016) will be added to their 2017 chances for all draws, to award them for their loyalty. However, customers will need to ensure they qualify for the draw and at no point in time will their balances drop below KD200.
  • Customer receives one chance for every KD 100 every day.
  • Minimum amount to open an account is KD 200.


  • Deposit money into your account through all channels: ATM, Online, CCC (Customer Contact Center), Branches, Event stands – branches.
  • Al Danah ATM deposit-only cards allow customers to deposit money directly into their Al Danah account at any Gulf Bank deposit ATM deposit machines.
  • Free standing order from other Gulf Bank accounts into Al Danah.
  • All customers that have an Al Danah account will now be able to check the number of chances they have earned for the next draw Online or through CCC

Opening Deposit

  • Minimum KD 200 is required to open an Al Danah account.
  • Minimum account balance of KD 200 is required to enter the draw and to accrue chances (For all draw types).


  • Al Danah accounts only.
  • Available in KD only.
  • No ATM withdrawal facility.
  • A non interest bearing account.
  • The alternate winner will be selected if the winner’s Al Danah account is closed and any of the winner’s accounts with the bank has a hold for legal reasons.
  • If a “STOP” is set on the account for legal reasons the account will not to be included in the draw.
  • Minimum hold period is required to be maintained to enter all draw types. Account open date, and last date to deposit for the:
  • Daily draws (KD 1,000) is 2 days
  • Quarterly draws (Quarter 1 & Quarter 2) is 2 months
  • Quarterly draws (Quarter 3) is 3 months
  • Yearly draw (1 Million Dinars) is 2 months
  • If any of the working days are a holiday then number of daily winners will reduce based on the number of holidays for the week.
  • No daily winner of the KD1,000 will win two prizes of KD1,000 each in the same day
  • Employees of Gulf Bank, employees of service providers and persons involved with promoting, marketing and/or carrying out any activity related to the draw and/or the prize, their spouses, their relatives up to the second-degree and any other person or entity excluded in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry are not allowed to participate in the draw. Any winner in violation of this prohibition is under the obligation to immediately return the prize to Gulf Bank, which shall be cancelled. Gulf Bank shall have the right to deduct the amount directly from the account(s) of such winner without obtaining an approval.
  • In addition to the above, the Terms & Conditions stated in the Account Opening Form and Terms & Conditions Booklet also applies. Available at branches upon opening an account.


  • No charges on accessing your money.
  • KD 2 charge per month will be applied if account balance drops below KD 200 in any given day of the month.

Al Danah 2017 Prizes

AmountLast Date to DepositDraw TypeDraw Date
KD1,000*2 days before the drawDailyEveryday*
KD200,000January 31, 2017QuarterlyMarch 30, 2017
KD250,000April 30, 2017QuarterlyJuly 13, 2017
KD500,000June 30, 2017QuarterlySeptember 28, 2017
KD1,000,000October 31, 2017YearlyJanuary 11, 2018


* working days only


MOC License 216/2016

Al Danah Account 2017

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