• Gulf Bank has a fantastic history, a well-known and highly recognizable brand in Kuwait and loyal, dedicated and professional staff.

  • We have a clearly defined Vision, Purpose and set of Core Values that help us to remain focused on doing the right things, for our customers, our shareholders and as importantly, our employees.


  • This is our ultimate destination, it is what Gulf Bank is aiming for. Our Vision guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish to achieve sustainable, quality growth.

These are our guiding principles; they describe what we stand for, and serve as a compass for our actions and how we behave.

The Bank to work for

For every employee in Gulf Bank, this means:

  • We are a meritocracy.

  • We empower our people.

  • We help them grow and develop.

  • We promote teamwork and collaboration.

  • We are open-minded.

  • We value diversity of opinion.

The Partner to work with

For all of our customers, this means:

  • We care about our clients.

  • Our services are friendly and personalized.

  • Our products are fit-for-purpose.

  • We provide the fastest turnaround times with the least errors.

The Company to invest in

For our shareholders, this means we:

  • We are confident in our abilities to deliver on our promises and attain our vision.

  • We offer strong, stable, consistent, sustainable earning streams to our shareholders.

The People people look up to

For the communities in which we operate, this means we:

  • We conduct business ethically.

  • We are transparent in our internal and external communications.

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