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Gulf Bank Executive Manager Awarded Woman of the Year in Cyber Security

Kuwait, March XX, 2018 –The second annual FINSEC Awards has recognized Ms. May Dashti, Executive Manager of ISS Security at Gulf Bank, as a leading woman in Information Security for her outstanding achievements and contributions to the financial security industry.

Held annually, the FINSEC Awards recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements in the financial security sector, serving as an effective platform for banks and service providers in the Middle East to showcase their capabilities and contributions and identify leaders within the industry.

The awards not only recognize the achievements of the most successful organizations in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector, but also set a benchmark for other organizations to aspire to.

Digital transformation in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industry (BFSI) has not only led to rapid growth of financial technology but is also disrupting the traditional banking system as we know it. While technology offers several opportunities and advantages, it also represents its fair share of security concerns and threats. Emerging channels, such as mobile banking, digital banking platforms, Internet of Things (IoT) etc., are being exploited by cyber criminals and over the past few years, the BFSI industry in the Middle East has become one of the prime targets for highly sophisticated and targeted attacks.

Salma Al Hajjaj, General Manager of Human Resources at Gulf Bank, hailed Ms. Dashti’s achievements, noting that it isn’t the first time she was awarded for her excellence in the field: “Gulf Bank is constantly looking to improve the banking experience for our customers, investing in our human capital and developing technologies to cater to the advancing marketplace. Ms Dashti’s efforts in the field of BFSI has not gone unnoticed, and will surely be a boon to our services at the Bank.”

Ms. May Dashti has 23 years of experience, starting her career as a financial auditor and continuing in Information Security. Mrs. Dashti was nominated as ‘Best Information Security Manager of the Year - 2013’ by the internationally recognized ‘Who’s Who’ publication in the USA. In 2017, she received the ‘Best Information Security Leader in the Gulf Region’ award from StarLink International. Last year, Ms. Dashti received the prestigious MESA CISO 100 award for her efforts in the Information Security field for the second consecutive year.

To find out more about the awards received by Gulf Bank and its employees, visit the Bank’s bilingual website www.e-gulfbank.com or check out its social media channels.

Award - CyberSecurity

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