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Gulf Bank Launches New Economic Research Unit

New unit to prepare economic studies, organize panel discussions with industry experts, and issue regular reports on the local and global economy

Kuwait, 04 February 2020: Gulf Bank recently launched their Economic Research Unit, which aims to prepare detailed analytical studies and compile reports on the most important economic issues in both the region and the world. Among the new unit’s most important tasks is preparing studies that the Bank’s senior management can use to assist in their decision-making process and in setting the Bank’s strategy. The new reports will also pave the way for Gulf Bank to provide even more dedicated services to its clients, allowing customers to achieve their financial goals. As part of its commitment to raising the state of financial awareness in the region, Gulf Bank will also be making the new reports and relevant studies accessible to the general public through its various media channels, including social media.

The unit kicked off its activities in October 2019 with an economic forum on the real estate market in Kuwait. The economic forum, which was organized by Gulf Bank, was attended by a group of specialists from the public and private sectors. The Economic Research Unit also launched its first economic report, titled "Economic Insight Report," which details the current demographic makeup of Kuwait. The report is the first of a series of reports that aim to discuss various financial and economic subjects with the goal of educating readers and guiding decision-makers. The Economic Research Unit also prepares the Weekly Market Brief, which summarizes the most important financial and economic events of the week.

Keeping in line with Gulf Bank’s commitment to social responsibility and economic sustainability, the Economic Research Unit also prepares short weekly videos presented by Tareq Al-Saleh, Deputy General Manager of the Economic Research Unit at Gulf Bank. The videos aim to promote financial literacy and create a culture of financial awareness, and cover a variety of topics including Fintech, investment, saving, and general tidbits about the state of the economy. The one-minute tips are aired across Gulf Bank’s various social media channels under the hashtag #معلومة_في_دقيقة #info_in_minute

Mr. Tareq Al-Saleh, Deputy General Manager of the Economic Research Unit at Gulf Bank, said: “The establishment of the Economic Research Unit is a natural development for a bank the size of Gulf Bank. We have a large and diversified client base, and we strive to raise awareness in our society as part of our social responsibility initiatives, so it is only natural that we develop our service offering to include various reports based on sound economic data and financial research. We are delighted to have launched Gulf Bank’s weekly one-minute videos in which we provide simple tips related to personal finance and also simplify a variety of financial topics that some may think are too complex or difficult to understand. We are looking forward to offering our clients even more services and activities in the future, which will include panel discussions with industry experts, various studies and financial reports, and more financial tips on social media."

Tareq Alsaleh

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