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Gulf Bank Launches “Sawa’ed Al Khaleej” Volunteer Group

Internal volunteer program brings together Gulf Bank employees from various departments and units

Kuwait, 09 February 2020: Gulf Bank has launched "Sawa’ed Al Khaleej," an internal volunteer program bringing together Gulf Bank employees from various departments for a variety of good causes. The program aims to reinforce Gulf Bank’s commitment to its Corporate Social Responsibility program by strengthening the bank’s community outreach initiatives, including internal and external events within the local community. Some of these initiatives include beach cleanups, food distributions in ramadan, supporting Gulf Bank 642 Marathon and representing the bank during Qout Market.

Sawa’ed Al Khaleej currently includes members from multiple different departments and units within the Bank and includes several executives. As part of the volunteer program, all members receive Emergency First Response training (EFR Certification) to prepare them for emergency situations. The course covers essential required skills for emergency situations such as CPR, Heimlich maneuver, First-aid for adults and children.

Commenting on the internal volunteering program, Gulf Bank's General Manager of Human Resources, Ms. Salma Al-Hajjaj, said: “The Sawa’ed Al-Khaleej volunteer program reflects a long-standing culture at Gulf Bank, which has long encouraged its employees to volunteer in the hopes of giving back to their local communities. Today we are officially launching Sawa’ed Al-Khaleej to be a destination for all Gulf Bank employees seeking to get involved in the local outreach program through a variety of CSR initiatives that we organize throughout the year."

It is worth noting that Gulf Bank is the largest local supporter of INJAZ Kuwait. INJAZ Kuwait is a non-profit, non-governmental organization for education workforce readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship that aims to train and prepare local youth for the strategic economic challenges facing the region. Gulf Bank has sponsored numerous educational and entrepreneurial courses for high school students across both the public and private sectors, as well as college students. Last year, more than 282 Gulf Bank employees volunteered in several schools and universities across Kuwait, inspiring over 3,275 students.

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