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Gulf Bank to Announce Winner of Grand Prize Worth 100 Times Their Monthly Salary!

Gulf Bank to also reveal name of Salary Package winner of January 2020, who will take home cash prize of up to 12 times his/her salary

As part of a fun-filled draw event with games & activities at The Avenues

Kuwait, 13 February 2020: Today, Gulf Bank will be announcing the name of the lucky winner who will take home a grand cash prize worth up to 100 times their monthly salary, as part of Gulf Bank’s annual Salary Package draw event. The draw event, which will kick off tonight at 7 PM at The Avenues near the Cheesecake Factory, will be held in the presence and supervision of a representative each from the Ministry of Commerce and Ernst & Young. With multiple surprises in store, the Bank will also be holding another draw to reveal the name of the Salary Package winner for January 2020, who will receive a prize equivalent to 12 times his or her monthly salary. Throughout the day, and in the hours leading up to the draw, attendees can also take part in a variety of activities that Gulf Bank has organized.

Throughout the day, visitors at The Avenues have an opportunity to take part in a variety of entertaining activities and competitive games for the chance to win cash prizes. Everyone is invited to join in the fun from 10 AM to 6 PM, and choose from a variety of fun-filled games, a photowall, and an interactive mupi/advertising banner. After the announcement of the winners and to wrap up the day’s celebrations, attendees will also be treated to a live musical performance from the popular musical artist Daffy, who recorded the Bank’s annual song celebrating the upcoming national holidays.

Mr. Hamad Al Wazzan, Senior Officer of Corporate Communications at Gulf Bank, said: “To date, we have had 11 winners from last year’s Salary Package draws, each of whom took home a cash prize of up to 12 times their monthly salaries. Today, we have two causes for celebration: The first is that we are going to be celebrating the winner of our largest Salary Package prize yet: a cash prize of up to 100 times the winner’s salary! We are also going to be kicking off this new year’s Salary Package draws with our first winner of the 2020 Salary Package, who will take home a cash prize of up to 12 times their monthly salary.”

Al Wazzan added: "The Gulf Bank Salary Account offers its clients multiple valuable features. Not only are customers automatically enrolled into the monthly and annual draws, but they can also avail interest-free loans, cash gifts, fee waivers, and many more rewards throughout the year. We encourage everyone to transfer their salaries to Gulf Bank for the chance to take advantage of these features and more.”

Today's raffle draws will take place on stage at The Avenues at 7 PM as part of a fun-filled draw event that will include a variety of games and activities for attendees.

Hamad AlWazzan

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