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Gulf Bank Enhances Customer Experience Through Digital Transformation As Part of 3-Year Strategic Plan

Gulf Bank continues to enhance its digital systems and services for added customer convenience, especially during periods of closure, curfew and economic uncertainty

Kuwait, 26 January 2021: As part of its commitment to providing unparalleled levels of customer service, Gulf Bank wrapped up 2020 with tremendous digital achievements and information technology (IT) enhancements. The new updates were implemented in part as a response to the challenges imposed by the pandemic, which saw Gulf Bank launching a rapid response effort that granted customers a premier banking experience while preserving the safety of both staff and customers. Throughout the year, the Bank introduced several initiatives and launched innovative technological systems that serviced both the Bank and its customers during the most challenging parts of the year. The year’s digital updates and developments serve as the perfect foundation on which to launch the Bank’s overarching digital transformation process, which is part of Gulf Bank’s immediate strategy for the next three years.

The new initiatives enhance the digital experience for all customer segments of the Bank — including individuals, larger businesses, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) — and facilitate the financial banking operations of each segment.

On Gulf Bank’s ongoing digital transformation, Dari Al-Bader, General Manager of Corporate Affairs at Gulf Bank, said: “We started working on Gulf Bank’s updated strategy about a year ago, launching a complete digital transformation of the Bank’s operations in a way that facilitates daily operations for both customers and the Bank's various internal departments. As part of our commitment to elevating Gulf Bank’s service levels to rival those of leading banks around the world, we were able to introduce new features while continuing to enhance security levels. In response to the challenges imposed by the pandemic, we are also proud to have been able to expedite and launch several technological initiatives this year.”

Al-Bader added, "Throughout the year, we achieved several digital milestones and implemented major updates that all our customers — from individuals to larger businesses and SMEs — benefited from. In pursuit of granting our clients the highest levels of customer satisfaction, we are proud to continue to work toward our vision of digital excellence."

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To learn more about Gulf Bank’s various efforts and initiatives, customers can visit one of the Bank’s branches, or visit the Gulf Bank website at www.e-gulfbank.com. Customers can also use the WhatsApp service on 1805805 for round-the-clock assistance from Gulf Bank representatives, or call the Customer Contact Center on the same number.

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