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Gulf Bank: We are on the cusp of a comprehensive digital transformation of banking services

Gulf Bank spearheads multiple digital transformation initiatives as part of its 2025 strategy, which aims to consolidate Gulf Bank’s position as the leading Kuwaiti Bank of the Future

  • Mohammed Al-Qattan: We aim to provide our customers with a simple, fast, and secure interface that makes the banking experience that much easier.
  • Enabling customers to open an account within one minute has launched a new era of digital banking services for Gulf Bank customers.
  • Gulf Bank provides its customers with a wide selection of prepaid cards with an excellent cashback program
  • Since the addition of its branches at Crystal Tower and Kuwait International Airport, Gulf Bank operates one of the largest branch network in Kuwait.

The General Manager of Consumer Banking at Gulf Bank, Mohammed Al Qattan, announced that Gulf Bank’s consumer banking services are witnessing a drastic change and unprecedented breakthroughs, as part of the Bank’s successful ongoing digital transformation.

Al-Qattan mentioned that Gulf Bank’s digital transformation plans include the launch of a brand new mobile app which provides a secure and simple banking experience. Gulf Bank has also updated its Customer Contact Center and its interactive voice response system. These efforts are a part of the Bank’s 2025 strategy, which aims to consolidate Gulf Bank’s leading position as the Kuwaiti Bank of the future by providing customers with the best banking solutions and services.

Al-Qattan stated that Gulf Bank’s new app offers customers an enhanced customer experience across the Bank’s wide selection of services and across all customer touchpoints. In turn, the Bank’s digital transformation elevates customers’ banking experiences, with customers able to access their banking data anytime, anywhere via a simple, fast, and secure interface.

He noted that customers can open an account with Gulf Bank in just one minute, and immediately enjoy a user-friendly interface and in-app experience. This feature marks the beginning of a new era of digital banking services for individuals, enabling customers to open all types of bank accounts in just under one minute. Furthermore, both individuals and companies can take advantage of this feature and open their bank accounts swiftly and securely with Gulf Bank.

Al-Qattan also noted that Gulf Bank signed a long-term strategic partnership agreement with MasterCard in keeping with Gulf Bank’s promise to provide customers with the best and most innovative banking products.

As part of their latest agreement, MasterCard will support Gulf Bank in creating and marketing products that suit customers’ evolving needs and requirements, in addition to providing consultancy, training, and other services to the Bank.

In addition, Al-Qattan said that the Bank provides its customers with a wide selection of credit cards with the largest cashback rewards program and the fastest points program in Kuwait. Gulf Bank cardholders can exchange their points for free airline tickets and special travel offers, as well as enjoy a wide range of exclusive offers, instant discounts, and valuable prizes.

He emphasized the Bank's keenness to satisfy customers by providing them with a distinctive banking experience, a testament to the "Best Innovation in Customer Experience" award the Bank won at last year’s Future Enterprise Awards.

Al-Qattan pointed out that Gulf Bank provides its customers with one of the largest local branch network among Kuwaiti banks, boasting 53 branches since the opening of the Bank’s two newest branches in Crystal Tower and Kuwait International Airport (which is now operating 24/7).

Gulf Bank branches also offer advanced digital services that meet the needs and requirements of various categories and segments of customers, through Gulf Bank's website and mobile app.

As part of its continuous efforts to improve customer experience, Gulf Bank aims to complete customers’ transactions at any branch within minutes, and answer customer calls in the Customer Contact Center within a few seconds.


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