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Gulf Bank Deposits KD 1.5 million in Moza AlAsfour’s Account

Announcing the 19th winner of Al-Danah Millionaire account – a Gulf Bank customer for more than 40 years

  • Moza AlAsfour: Gulf Bank always rewards its customers for their loyalty, and the joy I feel for winning this time is different.
  • The Al-Danah Millionaire account is the best savings account in Kuwait
  • Mohammed Al-Qattan: At Gulf Bank we are keen on providing an exceptional and distinctive banking experience and encourage customers to save.

Gulf Bank announced the winner of AlDanah Millionaire account’s KD 1.5 million grand prize, Ms. Moza Abdulwahab Ali AlAsfour, on Thursday 19th of January, amid a wide audience and on Gulf Bank’s communication channels and 360 Radio FM. The draw announcement was held under the supervision and presence of representatives from both the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Ernst & Young.

Following the completion of the grand prize’s receiving and depositing procedure, Mrs. Moza Al-Asfour expressed her joy and happiness at the event and gave her special thanks and appreciation to Gulf Bank.

The generational teacher, who is now retired after many years of educating children, expressed her strong loyalty to Gulf Bank, stating that she opened her first Gulf Bank account more than 40 years ago, and that Gulf Bank has always been distinguished with its customer services – whether through its branches or exceptional products.

Al-Asfour added: "The joy I felt from winning this time was completely different, and I am always convinced that Gulf Bank rewards its customers for their loyalty. For a long time, I have been advising my children and grandchildren to save their money in Gulf Bank; specifically in the Al Danah account, which is the best savings account in Kuwait.”

The General Manager of Consumer Banking at Gulf Bank, Mr. Mohammed Al-Qattan said: "We congratulate Ms. Moza AlAsfour, who won AlDanah Millionaire account’s KD 1.5 million grand prize. At Gulf Bank we are keen on providing an exceptional and distinctive banking experience to our customers. This is in parallel with our social role in rewarding our savers and encouraging a culture of saving. Through the monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual draws, we motivate customers to maintain the habit of saving, and encourage others to follow in their footsteps.”

He continued: "As part of Gulf Bank's 2025 strategy, we are working to provide the best services and products to raise customer satisfaction levels, by launching simple, sophisticated and innovative products and services that meet the requirements and needs of various groups; with the aim of consolidating Gulf Bank's position as Kuwait’s leading bank of the future.

Last Thursday, the lucky winner of AlDanah Millionaire account’s KD 1.5 million grand prize was announced following the premiere of Gulf Bank’s comedic play, “A Successful Deposit.”

AlDanah Millionaire, the most popular savings and draws account in Kuwait, continues to make millionaires since its beginnings in 1998. Gulf Bank is proud to add two new millionaires to the list every year, where the first winner of the KD 1 million prize was announced in the semi-annual draw last July.

For the 17th consecutive year, Al Danah Millionaire Account is proud to grant two millionaires with KD 1,500,000 and KD 1,000,000 cash prizes, two winners with the KD 100,000 cash prize each and 10 winners with the KD 1,000 monthly prize each.

The next draw to win the KD 1 million prize will be held on the 13th of July 2023, and the deadline to participate in the semi-annual draw ends on the 31st of March 2023. The next KD 1.5 million grand prize draw is set to happen on the 18th of January, and the last date to deposit and qualify for the draw is the 30th of September 2023.


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