• Customer Service Representative

    • Inquire about your accounts, credit cards, and loans balances, transactions, and status
    • Transfer between your accounts and make payments to your credit and prepaid cards
    • Open Al Danah account instantly
    • Activate or stop your ATM, credit, and prepaid card instantly
    • Instant refund on ATM card withdrawal or deposit errors
    • Receive a statement for your account by fax
    • Unlock and reset your Gulf Bank online password
    • Activate SMS service for transactions on your account
    • Reset IVR T-PIN (Telephony Personal Identification Number)
    • Increase ATM card daily withdrawal limit

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    • Access all your accounts and credit cards and transact automatically by using the T-PIN (Telephone Personal Identification Number)
    • Free transfer between your accounts or to a registered internal Gulf Bank beneficiary
    • Transfer to or from your credit cards
    • Pay Commercial Facilities or Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Communication bills
    • Request a free account statement by fax for up to a period of 3 months
    • Apply for a new cheque book and inquire about an issued cheque
    • Inquire about salaries credit today instantly
    • International access: Customers outside of Kuwait can access Gulf Bank Telebanking Service on +965 2 2444383


  • Transfer from account to credit or prepaid card will incur a KD 0.500 charge from your account

  • A fee of KD 0.250 will be charged upon loading your prepaid card

  • Transfer from credit card to account will charge a fee of 5% or 1 KD whichever is more (IVR)

  • Cheque books will cost 2KD for 10 pages, 5KD for 25 pages and 7KD for 50 pages (IVR)

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