Dear customers,

All Gulf Bank branches will be closed until Thursday April 23rd, 2020. Click here to know about the operating branches and how you can still bank with us.

Who is it for?

  • For individuals, primarily Kuwaitis.

  • For small to medium sized businesses.


  • Simple, convenient and a flexible account type.

  • Standing order facility available.

  • Certified cheque facilities available.

  • Can be used for personal and business purposes.

  • Customer is entitled to a personalized cheque book.

  • Account statements provided as per customer’s choice (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually).


  • Non-interest bearing account.

  • No limitation on the number of withdrawals.

  • Available in KWD / EUR / USD / GBP.


KD 2
Cheque book (10 Cheques)

KD 5
Cheque book (25 Cheques)

KD 7
Cheque book (50 Cheques)

Opening deposit

KD 200

Terms & conditions

Tools & Calculators

Currency Converter
Al Danah Chances
Loan Calculator
Term Deposit Calculator