Who is it for?

  • The offer is only valid for Kuwaiti females working in the Kuwaiti ministries sector

  • Minimum salary of KD350 for loan and credit card and to enter the draws

  • Minimum salary of KD500 for cash gift


  • Customer can avail instant cash gift of KD 100, 0% loan up to KD 10,000* or one year medical coverage

  • Yearly draw: A chance to win 100 times your salary

  • Monthly draws: A chance to win 12 times your salary

  • Consumer loans up to KD 70,000 with a repayment period of 15 years*

  • Consumer loan up to KD 25,000*

  • Free for life Mastercard World – based on KD 5000 yearly spent

  • Automatic membership in the best and most rewarding loyalty program in Kuwait with Gulf Bank Credit Cards*

  • Gulf Bank representation in all major Kuwaiti Auto Showrooms

*Subject to the Rules and Regulations of Central Bank of Kuwait and Gulf Bank Credit Approvals.


  • Secure banking services through Online Banking and Mobile Banking app

  • A chance to become a millionaire by opening Al Danah account

  • Free Customer Contact Center available 24/7 at 1805805.

  • Discounts at selected merchants and restaurants in Kuwait with Gulf Bank credit cards

  • Free SMS for your banking transactions

  • Receive funds immediately to your account from any local bank account via Self Pay

  • Settle your mobile bills via Pay Bills

  • A free safe deposit box (1st year only) upon salary transfer

The draws

Draws Draw Prizes Draw Dates
1st draw 12 x salary 13 February 2020
2nd draw 12 x salary 9 March 2020
3rd Draw 12 x salary 13 April 2020
4th draw 12 x salary 11 May 2020
5th draw 12 x salary 8 June 2020
6th Draw 12 x salary 13 July 2020
7th Draw 12 x salary 10 August 2020
8th Draw 12 x salary 14 September 2020
9th Draw 12 x salary 12 October 2020
10th Draw 12 x salary 9 November 2020
11th Draw 12 x salary 14 December 2020
Yearly Draw 100 x salary 11 February 2021

*The amount to be multiplied will be no more than KD 1,000


  • The salary package is exclusively designed for Kuwaiti women who work in ministries

  • The offer is valid up to 31st December 2020

  • Age from 23 to 45 years

  • This offer applies for the first 100 customers ONLY. First come, first served

  • This offer is only applicable to new salary customers

  • New Kuwaiti customers, who select the KD 100 cash gift, will receive it during the 2nd week of the following month upon the first salary transfer, EXCLUDING:

    • Allowance-only transfers
    • Kuwaitis with a basic salary less than KD 500 (for salary above KD 350 and below KD 500, allowances required to be transferred)
  • All existing Kuwaiti Salaried female customers are eligible to enter the draw, EXCLUDING:

    • Kuwaiti retirees
    • Salaries transferred prior to 2019
    • Allowance-only transfers
    • 1st and 2nd degree staff relatives
  • The bank reserves the right to recover the salary transfer cash gift by deducting it from the account in case of:

    • Closing the account by the customer within 12 months from the date of opening
    • Not receiving salary in the account for six consecutive months
    • If the customer decided to apply for the interest-free loan after she has received the salary cash gift
  • In case of selecting the Insurance, if the customer stops salary transfer within 12 months, the bank reserves the right to recover the amount from the customer

This offer is licensed by Ministry of Commerce under license 2019/401, 2019/2847

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