Invest in international markets in an easy, transparent and cost efficient way

In few minutes, we create an investment portfolio that meets your goals.

Monitor your investment portfolio anywhere and anytime.

Cost Efficient
One low fee and reduced taxes.

How it works

  • We take you through a simple questionnaire. In few minutes we determine your financial goals, risk appetite and time horizon to create a portfolio that meets your needs.

  • WISE service follows the Nobel Prize winning passive index investing strategy. The main principle of this investment strategy is that, it is impossible to consistently beat the market on the long run. The best risk adjusted returns are created by investing with long term view in a globally diversified portfolio consisting of low cost passive index investment, tracking the returns of the market.

  • We invest your funds in low cost and diversified Exchange Traded Funds. We re-balance your portfolio annually to the target allocation.

  • Our investment advisors are available to assist you in order to achieve your investment objectives.


  • Details of your portfolio composition and performance will be available on your Mobile and Online Banking, in addition to a periodic statement sent to your email.

  • Our goal is to keep the total cost of managing your investment under 1% without any hidden fee or commission. Together with the yearly re-balancing benefits the WISE service on average provides a 1.4% extra return over the long term.

    Wise Service Cost v/s Typical Funds 1.00%
    Automatic rebalancing 0.40%
    Total 1.40%

  • The results showed that diversification and investing for the long term are key components to reach future financial goals while keeping your risk exposure at a minimum.

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