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Invest in international markets in an Easy, Transparent and Cost Efficient Way

Why Wise


In few minutes, we create an investment portfolio that meets your goals.

Why Wise


Monitor your investment portfolio anywhere and anytime.

Why Wise

Cost Efficient

One low fee and reduced taxes.

How it Works

How it works

Get to know you

We take you through a simple questionnaire. In few minutes we determine your financial goals, risk appetite and time horizon to create a portfolio that meets your needs.

How it works

Create a plan

WISE service follows a Nobel Prize-winning investment strategy. The principle of WISE is to invest for the long term in globally diversified portfolio to achieve the ideal balance between risk and return.

How it works

Invest your funds

We invest your money in low cost international funds across different asset classes called Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). We re-balance your portfolio annually to the target allocation.

How it works

Expert guidance

Our investment advisors are available to assist you in order to achieve your investment objectives.



Innovative approach that allows you to monitor your portfolio from your personal devices.

Details of your portfolio composition and performance will be available on your Mobile and Online Banking, in addition to a periodic statement sent to your email.


Costs cut from your returns, even a small difference in investment fees makes a big impact on your long term gains

Our goal is to keep the total cost of managing your investment under 1% without any hidden fees or commissions. Together with the yearly rebalancing benefits, WISE portfolios on average provides a 1.4% extra return to your investment.

WISE Service Cost v/s Typical Funds 1.00%
Automatic rebalancing 0.40%
Total 1.40%

The foundation of the strategy is Nobel Prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory, developed after years of academic researches and proven tangible results.

The results showed that diversification and investing for the long term are key components to reach future financial goals while keeping your risk exposure at a minimum.


Get a Personalized Investment Portfolio

Answer the following questions and we will design a portfolio for you. You can adjust the portfolio to fit your needs. The returns reflect historical performance. We track historical performance for more than 25 years to help you make more informed decision.


How Much Do You Want to Invest?


How Long Do You Want to Invest For?

Create Portfolio

This is a sample of the actual WISE journey.


Gulf Bank offers restricted advice, limited to recommending a suitable model portfolio. We will not assess the client's full financial position, yet we will consider the client's disclosed financial circumstances. We do not provide tax advice. Gulf Bank cannot guarantee any level of performance and/or that any client will avoid a loss of account assets. Any investment in securities involves the possibility of financial loss (including the loss of principal) that clients should be prepared to bear if/when occurs. Past performance is no guarantee of future results, and historical return distributions may not reflect actual future performance.

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