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Gulf Bank Sets 2023 As the Year of Savings

Gulf bank plans to organize several events and activities to help raise awareness on the importance of saving within the community

  • Najla Al-Essa: We launched the 2023 calendar under the slogan "Always with you, in the Year of Savings"

As part of its efforts to consolidate the principles of societal sustainability, and to encourage a financial culture, Gulf Bank has begun to urge and educate various segments of society on the importance of saving by declaring 2023 as the Year of Savings.

This falls within the framework of Gulf Bank’s key role in supporting the ‘Let’s Be Aware’ campaign for the third consecutive year, which is under the supervision of the Central Bank of Kuwait, in cooperation with Kuwait Banking Association.

In the year 2023, Gulf Bank intends to focus on launching many special events and activities that support The Year of Savings, and to also introduce many channels and products to help customers be part of the savings initiative.

Deputy General Manager of Consumer Banking, Najla Al Essa, stated that “Saving is a choice and a decision, and it is a way to overcome our whims and achieve our dreams. It’s not about questioning how to start saving or how much do we start with, what’s important is to start saving for all the opportunities that lie ahead and the ambitions that may arise."

Al-Essa also added: “All things tend to start small and grow with perseverance, patience, hope and determination, and when the time comes to harvest the fruits of our labor, we’ll feel that our efforts have not been wasted. Saving is happiness, reassurance, and a peace of mind; and with it, we can prepare for the challenges that may arise in the future, which we might not realize their difficulty until we go through them,” added Al-Essa.

She continued saying: “Together in 2023, the Year of Savings, we can cultivate hope with strength and perseverance to realize the strength that we hold within and continue to move forward to achieve our dreams. After all, a millionaires’ journey begins with just KD 1.”

Gulf Bank launched the 2023 calendar under the slogan “Always with you in the Year of Savings”, as stated by Al-Essa, where every month of the year was classified to carry important values related to money savings such as perseverance, independence, hope, decision making and others.

Al-Essa further indicated that Gulf Bank provides its customers with various services and products that help them save and achieve great returns by winning annual draws or reaping returns.

Gulf Bank’s vision is to be the leading Bank in Kuwait by encouraging its employees to work in an inclusive and diverse environment to provide excellent customer service and serve the community in a sustainable manner. Thanks to its wide network of branches and innovative digital services, Gulf Bank provides its customers with various options to process transactions – ensuring a simple and seamless banking experience.

Gulf Bank is also committed to supporting selected and strategically identified societal, economic and environmental sustainability initiatives to fulfil Kuwait’s 2035 vision and is currently working with various entities to turn this vision into a reality.


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