Introducing the all-new Gulf Bank app, which offers the best banking solutions through the most advanced and secure online banking services.

With Gulf Bank at your fingertips, banking has never been simpler, more secure, or as efficient.

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All-new interface

All-new interface

High-speed performance

High-speed performance

Advanced security protection

Advanced security protection

Ahmed Buaraki’s review

On the most important features of the Gulf Bank app

How to recover your username

  • Tap on "Having trouble logging in"
  • Enter your Civil ID number
  • Enter the missing digits of your account number
  • Enter the OTP received by SMS

How to reset your password

  • Tap on "Having trouble logging in"
  • Enter your username
  • Enter the missing digits of your account number
  • Enter the OTP received by SMS
  • Create your new password

How to create a new user account

  • Tap on I am Gulf Bank Customer
  • Tap on Create app user
  • Enter your Civil ID number
  • Enter the missing digits of your account number
  • Enter the OTP received by SMS
  • Set your username & password
  • Choose your security questions
  • Select your security image
  • Add your security image description
  • Choose the desired log-in method
  • Allow the app to send notifications
  • Agree to the terms & conditions

How to use pre login pay link

  • Tap on Pay Link from the pre-log in page
  • Add the requested amount
  • Add the payment description
  • Select the payment purpose
  • Tap on Review & Pay
  • The payment link has been created successfully
  • Share it by either tapping on the link Or allowing the payer to scan the QR code

How to customize your dashboard

  • to start customizing, you can either: Tap Edit Dashboard below. Choose "Edit home" from the side menu
  • to delete a widget, you need to click the minus button (-) on the corner of the widget and click "Done"
  • To add a widget you need to click Add Widgets via Edit Mode. Tap on the plus button (+) will add a widget to the Dashboard

How to Pay Yourself

  • From "payments" section, choose “Pay yourself”
  • Enter the requested amount
  • enter the description
  • click "open payment gateway"
  • K-net page will open and you will be able to pay yourself from any account

Other Features

Manage your accounts

  • Check your balance, view statements and transfer money between your accounts.
  • Update your personal information.

Payments and Transfers

  • Manage secure local and international payments.
  • Pay off credit cards and cash advance funds to your account.

Initiate Electronic Payments and Financing

  • Pay mobile bills, financial installments, and purchase online vouchers.

Manage your debit & credit cards

  • Activate new cards or block lost/ stolen cards.
  • Request prepaid cards.
  • View debit and credit card PIN.
  • View and redeem your Gulf Reward points.

Bank Safely

  • Update your passwords, security settings and personal information.
  • Enable your accounts with biometric registration and login (fingerprint and facial recognition).

Services Availability

  • Access your accounts 24/7.
  • Locate Gulf Bank branches and ATM locations on Google Maps.
  • View interest rates and foreign exchange rates daily.

Tools & Calculators

Currency Converter
AlDanah Chances
Loan Calculator
Wealth Loan Calculator