• At Gulf Bank, we offer purposeful careers that go beyond just businesses, brands and branches. Our people build our future and we provide our employees with a strong foundation on which to build their careers, their abilities and their dreams.

  • We believe that how you do something is as important as what you do. We provide you with the training and opportunities to enjoy a successful career you can be proud of, now and for the rest of your life. We look for ability, the right attitude and a keen desire to perform. We're most interested in innate qualities - customer service, teamwork, confidence, problem solving, a hunger for learning, a "can do" spirit, and leadership - that make a lasting difference.

Training and Development

  • Realizing people's potential through training and development is central to the way we do business. We offer structured career development opportunities, comprehensive training schemes and the chance to learn from experienced, inspiring mentors in every area of the business.

  • New recruits are supported by a range of training programs, to help them understand the business and develop the skills they need to perform their role to the highest standard. A wide range of resources are available, from the opportunity to gain professional qualifications and certifications, to involvement in high profile, cross-functional project work.

  • New starters on Gulf Bank internships and graduate programs also benefit from structured career progression plans, job rotations and, depending on their role, cross-business project assignments. Our training programs are not confined to the classroom. While face-to-face training does of course take place, on-the-job training and online courses support our people with their developmental needs. All training programs are designed to ensure new recruits reach their full potential, working towards internationally recognized professional certifications and qualifications and developing an excellent understanding of how best to meet our customers' needs.

  • Gulf Bank offers an abundance of training resources to help our people continue to develop during the course of their career. From external courses and support for professional qualifications, a vast range of opportunities are open to ambitious employees. We encourage mentoring within the business. Skills-sharing across the bank is actively promoted and many our people have benefited from being part of a structured and rewarding mentoring program.

  • We also recruit experienced professionals across a variety of disciplines, looking to bring high levels of expertise and experience to the company. We value the diverse thought and innovative ideas you can bring to the company.

Graduate Development Program

  • As part of its Human Resources' Leadership Development and Succession Planning initiative, Gulf Bank offers its Kuwaiti employees a chance to get trained as holistic bankers and an opportunity to fast track career with the GB Graduate Development Program.

  • As part of its Human Resources’ Leadership Development and Succession Planning initiative, Gulf Bank offers its Kuwaiti employees a chance to get trained as holistic bankers and an opportunity to fast track career with the GB Graduate Development Program. This customized program is being delivered in collaboration with the Institute of Banking Studies (IBS) over a nine month period, and is designed to build teams of committed and motivated professionals at the Bank.

  • The program focuses on educating the participants in principles of banking, financial economics, banking laws and regulations, corporate finance and retail finance and risk management as well as analytical thinking, customer service and Kuwaiti financial institutions & stock market, in addition to courses in communication, behavioral science, presentation skills and personal development.

  • As part of the program is an intensive boot camp that exposes the trainees to an extremely powerful self-awareness and personal development regime. Gulf Bank partnered with Pink Coffee of The Proteges fame to conduct this boot camp.

  • The third major phase of the Graduate Program is a five week local field training to provide exposure to real-life practices at the Bank that reinforces the classroom training and also provides the trainees to work on strategically important assignments in various disciplines of the bank. Upon completion of the field training the trainees will return to the classroom for further conceptual education.

  • The final phase of the program includes structured practical training through placement of the trainees with international banks and local businesses & other institutions. This will provide the trainees an opportunity to interact with experts in the field of banking and other financial institutes as well as understand the local business environment.

  • For more information, contact the Talent Management Team – ext. 2849 / 2969

Roles and Career Paths

  • We offer clear career paths within the bank and people advance on the basis of their demonstrated performance, growth potential, career interests, time in job and available opportunities. The Bank has a policy of filling available vacancies from within as far as possible and we advertise most opportunities internally.

  • In Consumer Banking our people deal with a wide range of financial products and services that are targeted directly at our consumer needs.

  • Other than savings accounts and time deposits, overdraft and loan facilities, other common products and services include credit cards, car loans, insurance and priority banking.

  • There are various job opportunities available for fresh entry level graduates in the retail bank, such as sales and service jobs as customer relationship officers in branches, customer service officers in our Customer Contact Center or officers performing middle and back office functions such as in credit control, operations, and marketing. Those who have gained a few years of working experience and the right certifications go on to undertake more complex, senior roles such as product management and branch management.

  • Gulf Bank corporate and investment banking businesses offer a range of products and services to meet the needs of our corporate, government and institutional clients, and affluent individuals.

  • If you opt for a career in corporate banking, you may start out in any number of roles. For example, you may begin as a credit analyst, spending your time looking at companies' balance sheets and working out whether it's a good idea to issue loans to them. From the credit analyst's role you could progress to being a relationship manager, responsible for lending money to a handful of the bank's customers. It's a job that requires an intimate understanding of each company's strategy, a strong appreciation for the risks of default, and sales skills.

  • If you aren't interested in the relationship management side of corporate banking, you could go into treasury management. Treasury managers help companies cope with their cash flow. They ensure that businesses have enough money to pay for whatever they need to buy, and help them deal with fluctuations in the value of foreign currency holdings.

  • There's a lot more to Gulf Bank than our network of branches and array of market-leading products and services.

  • Behind the scenes, a fleet of experts in specialist support functions help the company retain a competitive edge. These people provide essential support and direction to the businesses, advising on people management, process improvement, compliance, auditing, and the most efficient and effective ways of running the business.

  • From information services to risk management, career development to creative marketing, Gulf Bank seeks career orientated Kuwaitis and selected expatriates with specialized skills to join our Bank.

Compensation and Benefits

  • At Gulf Bank we offer a competitive salary, allowance and benefits package. The initial level of pay reflects a blend of market rates, individual experience and qualifications, and the nature of the job. Incentive programs also significantly increase earnings potential, based on individual and team performance, especially in customer facing / revenue producing areas.

  • Our non-cash benefits (such as Medical Insurance and Air Ticket allowance) focus on flexibility and providing employees with every opportunity to find a healthy work-life balance. A number of banking benefits such as interest bearing fee-free accounts, discounted staff rates on loans and credit cards, and fee-free foreign exchange transactions round off the package.

  • We pride ourselves on designing and delivering Compensation and Benefits practices that promote meritocracy, equity and transparency. Recent enhancements to key employee benefits further underline our commitment to continuous improvement.

  • The overriding principle of Reward for Performance is what drives our promotion and reward decisions. Our processes are closely linked with Performance Management, which addresses both the results against agreed goals and the behaviors (our core values) of our employees in performing their jobs.

  • Our focus remains on continuing to reinforce performance differentiation through reward, and to bring further innovation and flexibility to our overall reward practices.

Meet some Gulf Bankers

  • I started my career at Gulf Bank in January 2001, when I joined the Internal Audit Department as a Trainee Internal Auditor. The nature of my job exposed me to various departments of the Bank as the position required me to provide up-to-date knowledge and expertise on each and every area I examined. Five years later, I joined the Corporate Banking Group. Although this was a difficult decision, the Bank's management made my career shift much easier with the professional training courses I attended. Like any normal family, there are ups and downs, good and bad times, but in the end, I believe that being part of Gulf Bank?s family was, and still is, one of the best things I have experienced in my professional life.

  • After three years working in the government sector I decided to move to the private sector. Gulf Bank gave me this opportunity and I joined the Consumer Banking team as a Teller. Since then, I acquired many new competencies and held different posts in different areas until reaching my current position as an Assistant Manager in Credit Administration - Risk Management. Throughout my journey in the Bank, I have received valuable training that has allowed me to accumulate a great deal of knowledge, qualifying me for my current position. With the continuous encouragement and support of Gulf Bank's management to advance my career further, I have been nominated to attend many training courses and certification programs, including the Risk Management Certificate Program at IBS, which I have completed.

  • My career at Gulf Bank began in December of 2006, when I joined the Daiya branch as a Trainee Teller. Gulf Bank provided me with the necessary experience and training to support my career growth and by January 2008, I had gained the required skills to take on the roll of Head Teller. Today, through my work dedication and the Banks continuous support my career has continued to grow and I am currently the Assistant Branch Manager. I believe that being part of Gulf Bank?s family is great for my career.

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