• In an effort to provide better services to the Client, the Bank will be the point of contact for all the investment banking, corporate finance and advisory needs of the Company. The Company need not deal with multiple consultants and advisors for it's various restructuring, growth and expansion plans which can include 'business plans', 'valuation', 'acquisitions', 'divestment's', 'private placement', 'asset management', 'consolidation' etc. The Bank will ensure that all the needs of the Company are professionally organized, negotiated and managed. This will ensure that the Company has sufficient time to focus on its core business.

  • We look at each client as a long-term business partner and we offer a comprehensive package of professional services to help clients understand their business better. That is why our Corporate Banking Group prides itself on being the Bank of choice for businessmen in Kuwait. The Bank has a deep routed culture of establishing a long strategic partnership with customers, rather than opportunistic activities. We are going to be with you, as our client, in the long term, and see our recommendations through.


  • Business Valuation and Feasibility Studies - Arriving at a 'fair value' is key to any successful business transaction. Our services provide an independent and scientific approach at valuing businesses. The process involves a comprehensive understanding of the market in which the business operates; developing a financial model and assessing in terms of various indicators and sensitivities in order to arrive at a fair value. Techno commercial feasibility studies for new businesses or for growth / expansion plans can also be done.

  • Restructuring Advisory - Businesses need to constantly evolve and meet the market conditions. Our services assist in taking a diagnostic view, of what needs to be changed today to ensure sustainable existence and consistent growth. The process centers on solutions are based on a detailed understanding of structural changes required on the financial and operational periphery to suit the present and future market conditions. The hand holding can continue until l the solutions are implemented.

  • Investment and Growth Advisory - A business plan supported by an optimal equity-debt solution is per-requisite to growing a business entity. The process will involve developing a business plan tailored to meet the requirements. The business plan will be supported by the additional debt or/and equity solution that needs to be injected or structured. The process of the advisory cycle is complete when financial close is achieved and required funds are placed or raised.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions - Realigning is a requisite to ensure faster growth, diversify risk and stall competition. The advisory unit takes 'buy side' or 'sell side' mandates on matchmaking or acquisitions. The complete process cycle will be managed from conceiving the idea; corporate shopping and ends with close of transaction. The match making process becomes easier considering the banking relationship with a large clientele.

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