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Features & Benefits

Manage your accounts

  • Check your balance, view statements and transfer money between your accounts freely.
  • Schedule your payments in advance and set your standing orders.
  • Open Al Dana account and view your chances.
  • Update your personal information such is CID information, mobile number and address under KYC update.

Payments and Transfers

  • Make secure local and international payments and save beneficiary information for future transactions.
  • Pay off your Credit Card and cash advance funds to your account.

Initiate Electronic Payments and Financing

  • Pay your phone bills, financial installments and purchase online vouchers in one place.
  • Apply for consumer and housing loans and follow up on your request.
  • Receive funds immediately from family and friends by sending payment requests via SMS or E-mail, and track your payments requests.

Manage your debit & credit cards

  • Activate new credit cards or block lost or stolen debit and credit cards.
  • Request prepaid cards for you or for other persons.
  • View credit and debit card pin.
  • View and redeem your Gulf Reward points for FREE flights and bookings.

Bank Safely

  • Update your passcodes, security settings and your personal profile information anytime.
  • Protect your accounts with Biometric (fingerprint and facial recognition) registration and log-in (applicable only for mobile application)

Services Availability

  • Immediate access to your accounts 24 hours a day.
  • Easy banking at anywhere on all platforms.
  • Find all GulfBank branches and ATMs location on google map.
  • View interest rates and foreign exchange rates daily.
  • Request Clearance Certificate

Usage Tips

Account Registration

  • Make sure that you have already registered your fingerprint or your Touch ID on your phone before you start the bio metric registration.

Sufficient Light

  • Make sure that there is enough light during the face scanning process.

Face Angle & Expression

  • Scan your face by looking at the camera at an angle that shows your entire face. Make sure that your facial expression remains the same during each registration to avoid any issues while logging in.

Face The Camera

  • Look at the camera and choose “Enroll” to save your facial imprint.

Optional Password Login

  • The Mobile Banking app will prompt you to set up the finger scan before going forward with bio metric registration. Alternatively, you can login with password authentication if your phone does not have the fingerprint scan option.

Light: Too Much or Too Little

  • During registration, your surroundings should not be too dark or too bright.

Maintain Your Angle

  • The app will not recognize you if you change the angle in which you hold your phone when trying to login.

Hold Steady

  • The app will not recognize you if you change the position of your face when trying to login.

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