Say "No" to Bank Scams

Many internet users are becoming victims of online fraud. At Gulf Bank, we have taken every step to ensure a safe and secure service by using industry standard technology and practices.

This announcement comes as part of the bank's efforts to support the "Diraya" campaign by the Central Bank of Kuwait and the Kuwait Banking Association. It aims to educate customers about their rights when dealing with the banking sector and cybersecurity.

Be careful not to share your confidential information and data with anyone, and always remember that the bank or any other party does not ask you for any personal or confidential data.

For more information, click here.


Do not write your PIN on the card or share it with anyone (this also applies to OTP).


Do not store any confidential information such as: debit card numbers, credit card numbers, or PIN numbers on a mobile phone.


Log out of the application or the bank's website as soon as you finish the transaction.

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