Many internet users are becoming victims of online fraud. At Gulf Bank, we have taken every step to ensure a safe and secure service by using industry standard technology and practices. However, you should be aware of the latest phishing scams which exploit your good faith, so you can recognize and report any phishing attempts and protect yourself. Please read below for more details

  • Phishing is the latest scam used by fraudsters to 'fish' for sensitive and personal information from you – e.g.: your security credentials to access your online banking.

  • It's usually a combination of a fake SMS/Whatsapp message, a call or an e-mail that contains fake web links to imposter websites.

  • The e-mail will appear to come from your bank or financial organization that you are registered with and will ask you to click on a link and/or to confirm your access details - this is how they obtain your details - never provide this information.

  • The call will be from a suspicious number that you might receive as an international call or any number dialed through the internet, where the caller claims that you have won a huge prize to get your personal account details (account number, card number, PIN number.. etc).

  • If you receive any suspicious communication, please avoid corresponding with the sender and inform Gulf Bank immediately of the incident by calling 1805805.

  • Gulf Bank does not share your contact details or e-mail address. Fraudsters buy and swap lists of e-mail addresses, mobile numbers, etc.

  • They simply don't know – phishing e-mails are sent to a large number of people in the hope that a small percentage of these people will actually have an account with the organization. They rely on this.

  • If you have any doubt from an email, simply delete without even opening it - please apply this precaution to any unexpected emails with links or attachments & never respond to the e-mail.

  • If you are suspicious of an email that appears to come from Gulf Bank, please report it phishing@gulfbank.com.kw or 1 805805

Protect Yourself From Phishing

  • Ensure that your desk/laptop is equipped with Internet Explorer Version 8 or higher:

    • Step 1 - Click the 'Safety' tab on the upper right hand corner of your screen
    • Step 2 - Select and click 'SmartScreen Filter'
    • Step 3 - Select 'Turn On SmartScreen Filter'
    • Step 4 - A new window will open. Select option 'Turn on SmartScreen Filter'
    • Step 5 - Click 'OK'
  • For Further Security Tips, check the link bar of your browser. The Gulf Bank Online Banking link starts with https://gbonline.e-gulfbank.com/?homeComponent=login-form, a phishing link will never start with https://

  • You are now safe from phishing scams!

Key Hints and tips

Personal or confidential information should never be submitted in response to an "urgent" email.

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