AlDanah is bigger... and always enriches you!

The AlDanah Account is Kuwait’s most popular draws and savings account that’s most known for making "millionaires" since 2007, and were recognized as the most rewarding bank prize in the Guinness World Records of 2017.

Gulf Bank is proud to maintain its legacy of making millionaires through AlDanah’s account with the largest single bank prize of KD1,500,000 paid to the lucky winner in one full payment at the AlDanah annual draw. Also in 2021, and for the first time in AlDanah history, a second millionaire will be crowned in the same year with a grand prize of KD1,000,000.

The Draws

With a minimum deposit amount of KD200, customers can enter the AlDanah draws shown in the below table

*Note: No monthly draws will be held when they coincide with any of the quarterly draws

*Monthly Draws Dates: 15-Mar-21 (20 Winners), 4-Apr-21 (10 Winners), 6-Jun-21 (10 Winners), 4-Jul-21 (10 Winners), 5-Sep-21 (10 Winners), 3-Oct-21 (10 Winners), 5-Dec-21 (10 Winners), 2-Jan-22 (10 Winners).

Open an AlDanah account in seconds!

All you need is KD200 to open an account now to enter and earn chances for all draws. Watch the video to learn the simple and easy steps to open an AlDanah account.


Loyalty chances

Loyalty chances are the total chances earned by existing customers in the previous year added to those from the current year to reward them for their loyalty and encourage savings.

For example, the total chances collected by customers in 2020 have been added to their 2021 chances. However, customers will need to ensure that they qualify for the draw, and that at no point in time will their balances drop below KD200.

Ways to deposit into AlDanah account

More deposits mean more chances

Deposit in an easy and secure way through any of the following channels:

  • Online / Mobile Banking Application which includes the ePay (Self-Pay) service
  • All Gulf Bank 52 branches, ATMs and ITMs
  • Customer Contact Center available 24/7 at 1805805
  • Free standing order from other Gulf Bank accounts to your AlDanah account



Why Wise

Secure banking services through the Online Banking and Mobile Banking application

Why Wise

Free AlDanah deposit only ATM card allows you to deposit money into your account

Why Wise

The 'AlDanah Chances' calculator is available on Gulf Bank’s website and application

Why Wise

Customer Contact Center available 24/7 at 1805805

Why Wise

WhatsApp service 1805805

Why Wise

Free SMS alert with every transaction


  • If your account balance falls below KD200 at any given time, a KD2 fee will be charged to your account on a monthly basis until your balance returns to the KD200 minimum again.

  • If there are no transactions on your AlDanah account for a 48-month period, your account will become dormant. However, this will not affect your chances, and you will still be eligible to enter all draws. Terms and conditions apply.

  • No salary or allowance transfer is allowed for this account type.

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