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SMS Banking Service is Gulf Bank’s alert service (also known as a push message) that alerts you of any transactions on your accounts (e.g. point of sale purchase, account credit, account debit, ATM withdrawals, and others).

Mobile Banking app allows you on the other hand to access your accounts via your smart phone to perform an array of transactions (transfers, view account statement, payments, and others).

Mobile Banking app offers a secure and convenient way that enables you to conduct your banking needs on the move directly from your smart phone. You can now bank with confidence knowing that your transactions remain safe with us.

There are a number of new; enhanced and unique features that have been implemented to the new Mobile Banking app. Listed below are a few:

  • You can now login, authorize transactions with the new biometric authentication which involves facial recognition in addition to Touch ID capture.
  • You can process ad-hoc transfers, where you don’t have to save a beneficiary prior to initiating a transfer.
  • Upon completing the transfer, you may decide to save the beneficiary or not.
  • Where IBAN is mandatory, upon entering the correct IBAN, the beneficiary bank details like name, address, are populated automatically. You will only need to enter the beneficiary name and your contact number to proceed with the transaction.
  • You may print or share information like IBAN, transfer receipt, and others.
  • Open accounts like Al Danah and E-Savings.
  • Apply for Debit/ATM card.
  • Redeem Gulf Rewards points; and others.

Yes. You can use Gulf Bank Mobile Banking app anytime and from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to an Internet connection.

Any Gulf Bank customer with an active ATM/Debit Card can register for this Mobile Banking app.

You will need to have a smart phone, supporting iOS and Android platforms and have internet access.

You can download the Gulf Bank Mobile Banking app from iPhone App Store (and/or) Android Play Store into your smart phone.

Once you complete the registration, you can scan using Touch ID blink and smile at the camera to start the Gulf Bank Mobile Banking app.

Or use your registered password to log in.

You can call 1 805805 to subscribe to our SMS service, or activate your account for Mobile Banking usage.

Once you complete the registration, you can scan using Touch ID; blink and smile at the camera to start the Gulf Bank Mobile Banking app.

Yes, you can use your smart phone’s browser by visiting to access the browser friendly version of Mobile Banking app. [Include URL here]

There are no charges for the actual Mobile Banking app itself. The fees, if any, are our existing charges such as KD0.500 to transfer funds locally, KD 3.000 for international transfers, and others. [Link to fees and Commissions list]

Mobile Banking service is available for all customers who have an active Debit/ATM card and ATM PIN number. You can now register to Mobile Banking Services independently without having to register online first.

Yes, you can change your password by tapping on “Profile” option in the main menu, and choose the option to change your password. Follow the prompted steps to complete.

Note: Any change you make in the password will be reflected in Online Banking password as well.

If you forgot your password, please choose the “forgot password” option on the landing page. The system will request you to provide your ATM/Debit card number and ATM PIN number. Upon, providing this information, the system will allow you to reset you to password.

To ensure your security, access to your account will be locked after 3 unsuccessful attempts. You can have it unlocked by calling our Customer Contact Center at 1 805805

If your mobile is new or compromised, you will need to login to your Online Banking and delete the registered device under “Profile > Biometrics”, which will display all devices registered with your Mobile Banking service. Upon deletion, you can download the application into your new mobile phone and register again.

If you have clicked on ‘confirm’ to proceed with the transaction; then your transaction will be processed. (You may verify the transaction details by viewing the transaction details).

Using biometrics is very safe. Biometric registration is based on both your fingerprint and your facial features, together! No one can use your biometrics expect you.

Biometrics can work on any device with enabled fingerprint features, with a front camera.

Gulf bank will not use the data as they are safely encrypted and saved.

Yes. You can do that through www.e-gulfbank.com. Login to your user, go to profile, and then go to authorized devices, and de-register.

There are some times problem caused by the light of the place you are in is may be too light or too bright. Also, face accessories like glasses, would disrupt the biometric login process.

You can always use your normal password in case of any emergency.

The best practicein case of using facial capture as a biometric is that this is refreshed every 3 years - maximum every 5 years.

You will need to setup both Finger Print/Touch ID and facial scan to complete the biometric registration.

You will not be able to register for biometrics; however, you can login with your password.

You will need to look at the camera and choose enroll to save your facial imprint. It’s important that there is adequate lighting when doing your facial imprint.

You will need to ensure there’s sufficient light when registering facial expression (it cannot be too bright or too dark). This will ensure that you will not face any difficulty when you try to login due to lighting issues.

You will need to place the finger in the correct position for the phone to recognize you as an authorized user. Upon authorizing the Finger Print/Touch ID, you will need to ensure that you remember your expression and position of the camera on your face when registering to login successfully.

The best practice is, if using facial capture as a biometric that this is refreshed as a maximum every 5 years, however, the recommendation is to re-register Biometrics every 3 years.

Yes. You can use Online Banking anytime and from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to an Internet connection and an Internet browser.

Simply click on the 'Sign up' button and you below the Online Banking section on our homepage. Then enter your ATM card number, ATM PIN number, create a login name (up to 10 characters) and create an alphanumeric password of minimum 6 and maximum 8 characters to complete the sign-up process.

Simply click on 'Login' below the Online Banking section on our home page. A new window will open and you can select your preferred language and then enter your login name, ATM PIN number and password.

All you need is a Gulf Bank account, an ATM card, an Internet access facility and an Internet browser.

If you forget your login name, you will need to call Customer Service at 1 805805

If you forget your online password you can reset it by clicking on 'Forgot your password' and complete the required details. Once you complete the online form, you will be able to use your new password.

Online Banking is an internet-based service that provides you with a safe and convenient way to do your banking. With Online Banking, you can view your account balances, transfer funds, pay bills and much more in an absolutely secure environment.

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