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All Gulf Bank Visa and MasterCard credit cards are included in the “Gulf Points” Program: Classic, Gold, Platinum, Titanium, Signature, Infinite, World and World Elite (Excluding Internet, Cashback and Prepaid Cards)

Yes, you can access your account through Gulf Bank’s online banking or Gulf Bank’s mobile application

You can earn points by simply using your Gulf Bank credit cards (Excluding Internet, Cashback and Prepaid Cards) locally and internationally for purchases over point of sale machines and internet.

You can view your Gulf Points summary through your Gulf Bank Online Banking account or you can contact the Gulf Bank Customer Contact Center on 1805805

To know the number of points currently available you need to log in to your Gulf Bank Online Banking account or the Gulf Bank’s mobile applicationto view your “Gulf Points” statement and by clicking on the View/Use button in the Summery to get the full details.

Simply login in to your Gulf Bank Online Banking account.

Your points can be used through you Gulf Bank Online Banking account at your convenience or you can check them out the Mobile application.

Enrollment is free, there are no charges.

No. Once a booking is cancelled, the points will not be credited back to your account.

The points earned prior to your card being lost / stolen will remain and will be transferred to your new card. However, if you cancel your card without issuing a new one, then the points that you had earned and not used it will be automatically cancelled.

If you do not pay the monthly installment, you will not be able to use any of points until the outstanding dues are paid.

“Gulf Points” Program is an integrated program from Gulf Bank that caters to all your travel needs. It is the only program in Kuwait where you EARN POINTS for transactions made on your Gulf Bank Credit Cards and then use your points online to book your airline tickets from all airlines and make your hotel reservations at 300,000 hotels worldwide.

Your “Gulf Points” are valid for a period of 36 months starting from the transaction date.

For Travel Services minimum 4,000 points.

You can use your points to get free air tickets, hotel reservations worldwide by simply logging in to your Gulf Bank Online Banking account

As a member, you will get the following benefits:

  • You can keep track of your point’s accumulation and also view your complete points account history.
  • You can use you points for FREE air tickets, hotels and special travel packages.

Your points will be expired after 3 years of the Earning Date.

Yes. The points will be cancelled.

You don’t need to transfer your points between your Credit Cards as all the points earned will be credited under your name.

Yes, you can pay the difference in the amount by using your Gulf Bank credit card. On the payment page, the system will use all the available points you have and you will pay the remaining amount with your Gulf Bank Credit card to complete the booking.

Yes. You will earn points on all your transactions completed at Point of Sale (POS) machines or Internet purchases irrespective of whether you have visited the “Gulf Points” Program website or not. But you need to visit the Gulf Points Program website to be able to use your points.


You are automatically enrolled if you have a Gulf Bank credit card.

To double your points internationally you need to pay with the local currency of the country your visiting

You are a member in “Gulf Points” Program as long as you hold a Gulf Bank credit card.

There are no separate charges.

Yes, you can use your “Gulf Points” points for air tickets and hotel reservations for your family members and friends.

You should always have at least one active card otherwise the points will automatically expire if you request to cancel your cards without redeeming the points accumulated.

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