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A Prepaid card is a form of payment where you can make a purchase using money that has been loaded from your bank account.

The main benefit to using a Prepaid card is to provide the customer with the convenience of managing their day-to-day spending. In addition, it can be easily and safely used by any of your family members. Prepaid cards are also more widely accepted for making Internet purchases.

Yes, you can apply for a Prepaid card from any Gulf Bank branch.

You can apply for a Prepaid card through any Gulf Bank branch or Online/ Mobile Banking.

Prepaid cards can be loaded from either your bank account or credit card. You can process your load transaction through your Online/ Mobile Banking, IVR or any of the Gulf Bank branches.

The minimum initial load/ reload amount on a Prepaid card is KD 1.

The Prepaid card maximum balance is KD 3,000 only.

No, the total balance in your Prepaid card may not exceed KD 3,000.

The Prepaid Card can be loaded/ reloaded for a Maximum amount of KD 3,000 only.

Yes, a fee of KD 0.250 is charged for each Prepaid card reload.

The maximum number of reload transactions is 5 times per day

The maximum number of transactions on Prepaid Card is 10 transaction per day.

You can use your Gulf Bank Prepaid card on POS, ATM and Internet inside and outside Kuwait.

Yes, you can use your Gulf Bank Prepaid card for all e-commerce transaction.

Yes, you can withdraw cash from any Gulf Bank ATM or any other Bank’s ATM inside and outside Kuwait.

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