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red offers you a Savings account with interest or as non-interest bearing account red current account. You earn interest every month on your red savings account if you have opted for the savings account option. The interest rate is .025%

The transactions are quite similar to any ATM card offered by the Bank like transfers and bill payments.

As long as you fall into the age bracket of 15-25, you can benefit from our red package regardless of your professional status.

The only documents your need is your Civil ID. However, if you are a college or a university student, you will need to submit your student allowance transfer paper.

Nassour Account

You will receive a special Future Kid entertainment card of KD 10. In addition to a 15% discount on all games when recharging the cards with any amount using GB cards only.

You can open Nassour with just KD10.

There are absolutely no charges.

You earn interest every month on you Nassour account. Interest rate is 0.025%, the minimum earing balance from KD 100 and above.

Yes, with birth certificate that states that she is the mother of the child.

No. Parental signature is mandatory.

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