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  • The service is free for you in the first year and will carry a charge of KD10 in subsequent years
  • Registration is simple and updating your information is easy
  • You will receive prompt alerts on account activity

Yes you will be view and print up-to-date statements online, in English and Arabic. You will also receive your statements in the mail.

Yes, you can access your accounts online, 24/7.

Gulf Bank's ATM card is accepted world wide ? you can use your ATM card to withdraw cash anywhere in the world. You can also use it to make purchases at any store or even online at any website that accepts K-Net method of payment.

Your accounts are accessible 24/7 through:

  • Our online banking system
  • Mobile Banking

Yes. Your credit card information is safe and secure online.

It will get posted immediately. The payment from your Gulf Bank account to settle your credit card payments through Gulf Bank's Online Banking Service or through Gulf Bank's Telebanking is posted instantly at anytime, including weekends and non-business working hours.

You have several options to make a payment on your credit card bills through:

  • Online Banking. If you have a Gulf Bank Salary, Current or Savings account, you can log in to Online Banking to make a single payment. Online Banking also allows you to set up standing orders.
  • Telebanking 1805805: You can settle your bills through direct payment from your account by calling Telebanking on 1805805 and our Customer Service Representatives will be delighted to assist you on any of your requirements.
  • Visit any Gulf Bank Branch

For fast and quick information, you can view your account balance online at no additional charge. You can also go online to:

  • Get a summary of your current account status, including balance, available credit and information on when your next payment is due.
  • Request, view and download detailed transaction information for previous months.
  • Make a payment online.

Yes. With Gulf Bank, you have access to your account anywhere, anytime. Simply log on to e-gulfbank.com and enjoy full access to all your account information. Or call our Telebanking service at 1805805 and our Customer Service Representatives will be delighted to assist you on any of your requirements.

No. Gulf Bank's Online Banking service assures you the maximum security by utilizing VeriSign to protect all of the online interactions in an absolutely secure banking environment. Nobody else can see your account information. Only you can access it using your personal PIN and Password. It is safe and secure.

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