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Shouq Hasan Ahmed Ashour

11 January 2018 (Quarterly)Prize: Fiat 500c

Mahjouba Muolaye Ely

20 November 2017 (Monthly)Prize: iPhone 7 Plus

Danah Abdulkarem Alshik Abrahim

20 November 2017 (Monthly)Prize: iPad Pro

Meshal Ibrahim Zayed Al-Harbi

20 November 2017 (Monthly)Prize: Apple Watch

Amal Mohammad Talaq Alotaibi

23 October 2017 (Monthly)Prize: iPhone 7 Plus

Fatemah Tareq Ali Albuloushi

23 October 2017 (Monthly)Prize: iPad Pro

Anwar Jaber Ali Mohsen

23 October 2017 (Monthly)Prize: Apple Watch

Dehayyem Mesbeh Dehayyem Almajdi

28 September 2017 (Monthly)Prize: iPhone 7 Plus

Ali Sayed Ahmad Sharaf Alhaddad

28 September 2017 (Monthly)Prize: iPad Pro

Hasnaa Rabian Mutlaq Alsubaie

28 September 2017 (Monthly)Prize: Apple Watch

Danah Husam Mohammad Abdullah

21 August 2017 (Monthly)Prize: Apple Watch

Abdullah Hani Hussain Alhadad

21 August 2017 (Monthly)Prize: iPhone 7 Plus

Abdullah Tareq Abdullah Alryahi

21 August 2017 (Monthly)Prize: iPad Pro

Munera Fahad Tayib

24 July 2017 (Monthly)Prize: iPhone 7 Plus

Muneerah Ahmad Ali Al-Basai

24 July 2017 (Monthly)Prize: iPad Pro

Sarah Khalaf Mesfer Al-Shelahi

24 July 2017 (Monthly)Prize: Apple Watch

Waad Khaled Farhan Albathali

13 July 2017 (Monthly)Prize: iPhone 7 Plus

Sarah Ali Mohammad Behbehani

13 July 2017 (Monthly)Prize: iPad Pro

Shareefah Mohammad Mohsen Alajmi

13 July 2017 (Monthly)Prize: Apple Watch

Aljazy Musaed Farhan Alfarhan Alnwayem

22 May 2017 (Monthly)Prize: iPhone 7 Plus

Malak Salamah Saod Al Bathali

22 May 2017 (Monthly)Prize: iPad Pro

Bader Tareq Bader Fadhl

22 May 2017 (Monthly)Prize: Apple Watch

Nourah Mohammed Shlaitan Al-Dosari

24 April 2017 (Monthly)Prize: iPhone 7 Plus

Shahad Ahmed Sayed Albukhari

24 April 2017 (Monthly)Prize: iPad Pro

Haya Ibrahim Saleh Jehail

24 April 2017 (Monthly)Prize: Apple Watch

Abdullah Ali Habeeb Redha

30 March 2017 (Monthly)Prize: iPhone 7 Plus

Ahmed Khaled Salem Hashem Salem

30 March 2017 (Monthly)Prize: iPad Pro

Jawaher Dawoud Ghloum Awadh

30 March 2017 (Monthly)Prize: Apple Watch

Muneerah Fareed Saleh Al-Awadhi

20 February 2017 (Monthly)Prize: iPhone 7 Plus

Nouf Meqbas Askar Al-Shammari

20 February 2017 (Monthly)Prize: iPad Pro

Rawan Nouri Yousef Al-Khatrash

20 February 2017 (Monthly)Prize: Apple Watch

Yousef Ahmad Edrees

23 January 2017 (Monthly)Prize: iPhone 7 Plus

Mohammed Saleh Hussain

23 January 2017 (Monthly)Prize: iPad Pro

Abeer Khalil Salem Al- Rashed

23 January 2017 (Monthly)Prize: Apple Watch

Haleima Waleed Saleh Baroun

05 January 2017 (Quarterly)Prize: KD 1,000

Huda Hussain Mohammad Mohammad

05 January 2017 (Quarterly)Prize: KD 1,000

Fahad Mohammad Meaidh Alazmi

05 January 2017 (Quarterly)Prize: Cadillac Escalade

Ahmad Abdul Azeez Qasem Al Matrood

29 September 2016 (Quarterly)Prize: Cadillac CTS

Rashed Salem Rashed Alhajri

29 September 2016 (Quarterly)Prize: KD 1,000

Ahmad Abdulla Ahmad Al Naqah

29 September 2016 (Quarterly)Prize: KD 1,000

Mariam Adel Fahad Alkhamees

30 June 2016 (Quarterly)Prize: Cadillac winner

Bassam Waleed Abdulwahab Alzanki

30 June 2016 (Quarterly)Prize: Red Monthly Cash Draw winner

Ali Nayef Johar Arnan

30 June 2016 (Quarterly)Prize: Salary Monthly Cash Draw winner

Salem Saleh Salem Alajmi

31 March 2016 (Quarterly)Prize: Cadillac winner

Hadil Saoud Matar Hamad Al Shimary

31 March 2016 (Quarterly)Prize: Red Monthly Cash Draw winner

Mariam Refaei Naser Alazmi

31 March 2016 (Quarterly)Prize: Salary Monthly Cash Draw winner

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