Gulf Bank is proud to introduce Mouj Card, the first cashback prepaid card in the Middle East.

Inspired by the clear waters of the Gulf and the blue sea, the card contains six overlapping waves, each symbolising a decade of accomplishments and 60 years since the establishment of Gulf Bank. The sail highlights Gulf Bank’s aspirations for the next 60 years with the vision to be the leading Kuwaiti bank of the future.

The Mouj Card provides up to 5% cashback on local and international purchases with an amount of up to KD 600 annually.

Apply for your Mouj prepaid cashback card online, through the Mobile Banking, or at any Gulf Bank branch.

Who is it for?

  • All Gulf Bank customers

  • This card is specifically designed for those looking to manage their expenses securely and earn cashback on all their transactions

Get the Mouj cashback prepaid card for FREE for the first year (valid until December 31st 2021)

MOUJ Prepaid Cashback Card


  • Get cashback on all your local purchases including supermarkets, electronics, dining and on all your international transactions including flights, hotels, shopping and more

  • Get up to KD 600 cashback every year with your prepaid cashback card

  • Automatic enrollment to the only prepaid cashback program in Kuwait

  • Use your Mastercard Mouj prepaid cashback card anywhere in the world at any retail outlet or website to receive cashback

  • Card Spends Cashback
    KD1 to KD1,500* 1%
    KD1,500 and above 5%
    Maximum cashback amount: KD50 per month
    *A minimum spend of KD100 per month is required to be eligible for cashback program.

  • Ideal for managing your day-to-day expenses and is easy and safe to be used by your kids or for the family! Load the card with the amount of your choice and it is ready to be used

  • Instant discounts of up to 25% at over 550 renowned restaurants and coffee shops in Kuwait. (To check out the dining list, click here.)

  • Instant discounts up to 30% at over 300 retail outlets in Kuwait in travel and entertainment, health and beauty, and lifestyle segments. (To see the promotions list, click here.)

  • Prepaid cashback cards can be reloaded according to your convenience from anywhere in the world from either your Gulf Bank account or from any other bank account in Kuwait using our card payment portal

  • Gulf Bank 3D Secure is an added layer of security for online shopping that protects prepaid cashback cardholders’ online purchases from fraudulent use of their credit cards



  • Gulf Bank Tap & Pay Card: Faster payments on service enabled POS terminals
  • EMV Chip Technology: For enhanced security, safety, and convenience
  • Worldwide Acceptance: At more than 2 million ATMs and 33 million POS terminals
  • Safety & Security: Your Gulf Bank prepaid cashback card saves you from the stress of carrying cash

MOUJ Card Reload Channels

Reload MOUJ within seconds

The Mouj card can be reloaded for a maximum amount of KD 3,000 and through multiple channels such as:

  • Online Banking or Mobile Banking
  • Cards Payment Portal on Gulf Bank website, Click here
  • IVR
  • Branches

Apply for MOUJ Card

Get your MOUJ card

  • Visit the nearest Gulf Bank branch
  • Login to Online Banking or Mobile Banking

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