Gulf Bank is excited to announce the highest rewarding cashback program that’s designed to add value to your credit card usage with cash rewards.

Now you can shop more and earn more when paying with your Gulf Bank Cashback credit card.


  • Get up to 10% cashback on your spends at groceries and supermarkets

  • Get up to 5% cashback on your spends at all other outlets and e-commerce websites from anywhere in the world

Eligible Cards

  • Mastercard Titanium Cashback credit cards (Click here for more information)

  • Visa Platinum Cashback credit cards (Click here for more information)

Cashback Earning

Grocery and Supermarkets



KD0 to KD100 2%
KD101 to KD300 5%
KD301 and above 10%
Maximum cashback amount – KD30 per month
Other Spends



KD0 to KD2,000 2%
KD2,001 to KD3,000 3%
KD3,001 to KD4,000 4%
KD4,001 and above 5%
Maximum cashback amount – KD220 per month

* Minimum spend of KD100 monthly is required to qualify for Cashback

Cashback Redemption Channels

The cashback reward can be redeemed through the following channels:

1. Online Banking

2. Mobile Banking

  • The cashback amount is to be redeemed within a period of 2 years
  • The cashback amount can only be redeemed for KD10 and its multipliers
  • The cashback amount will be credited to your card within 48 hours after processing the redemption


  • Cashback Program valid until June 18, 2024

Cashback Criteria

  • Cashback is calculated for eligible POS and e-commerce transactions

  • Spend Qualifier: A minimum spend of KD100 monthly is required to qualify for cashback rewards

  • Cap on Rewards: The maximum cashback amount per month is KD250, with a maximum of KD30 per month on groceries and KD220 per month on other spends

  • The cashback amount available for redemption will be based on settled transactions only after each statement cycle

Terms & Conditions

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